Episode 2

In Episode #2 of Tombstone Shadows, we take a visit to the Artesia Cemetery in Cerritos, California.

You’ll hear a short history of the Artesia Cemetery, including who was the first to be buried there:
John P. Collins (1814-1882).

Ghost Experiences:
There are no ghost experiences that I could find, regarding the Artesia cemetery.

Tombstone Shadows Investigations in Ep. 2:
(grave locations follow name)

  1. John Thompson 
    (Aug.22, 1880 to Aug. 6, 1892)
    Died at the age of eleven in Santa Ana, California from a gunshot wound.
    (B: 76-L: 2-G: 10)

  2. Robert Stevens Duckworth
    (Oct. 4, 1922 to Oct. 22, 1972)
    Was drafted into the army in WWII, survived a German prison camp, and passed away at the age of 50.
    (B: 36-L: 4-G: 10)

  3. Oscar Alexander Castillo
    (June 4, 1958 to March 28, 1976)
    Was murdered after watching a baseball game in Long Beach, California with his girlfriend. He was 17.
    (B: 122-L: 3-G: 1)

  4. The Ouija Board Murder (1933)
    The Lizzie Borden-esque planned out murder of Earnest J. Turley, a retired U.S. naval officer.
    (burial place unknown)

icon of cameraIf you visit…!
If you live near or plan to visit any of our Tombstone Shadows Investigation graves, please leave a flower, and take a photo. We will post it with the episode, and send you a “Tombstone Shadow Investigator” sticker.

The Charleston recording by Arthur Gibbs and His Gang (1923) is part of U.S. public domain as of Jan. 1, 2019.

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