Episode 7 – A Visit to North Carolina: the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Union County, North Carolina, and the Lakeland Memorial Park, Monroe

the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Union County, North Carolina

In Episode #7 of Tombstone Shadows, we will visit two cemeteries in the state of North Carolina. One is called the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery (in Union County). Here we will learn about the life and tragic passing of Bertha E. Watkins; then we will go south tothe Lakeland Memorial Park in Monroe, and hear another tragedy regarding two Air Force pilots.

You’ll hear a short history about the city of Crab Orchard; and some history about the cemetery in Monroe—we will also take a quick step back in time to look at how weather forecasting came about.

Tombstone Shadows Investigations in Episode #7:

Bertha E Watkins
(January 10, 1891 to December 25, 1935)

After having lost her mother, father and husband, and raising several children on her own during the Great Depression, her life comes to a tragic end on Christmas day.

Johnny Carter Helms
(October 4, 1931 to May 17, 1957)

Signed up with the Air Force and had a bright future, but his life came to an end (along with Captain Pittman’s), at the age of 25.

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