Episode 9 – A Visit to the Emanuel Cemetery and the Richard Hill Cemetery in Lobelia, West Virginia

The first cemetery we visit is the Emanuel Cemetery (pictured). It sits to one side of an old presbyterian church. The second is the Richard Hill Cemetery. It was a an overgrown cemetery with some graves sinking into the ground, but recently had renovation by volunteers.

Emanuel Church and Cemetery in Lobelia, West Virginia

Tombstone Shadows Investigations in Episode #8:

  1. Warwick B. Scott
    (Born: April 21, 1889; died October 24, 1945).
    Emanuel Cemetery

  2. John Robert Bruffey
    (Born: 1849; Died: March 1879)
    Richard Hill Cemetery
  3. PFC Harlan Ellsworth Dean
    (Born: November 16, 1921; Died: March 3, 1944)
    Richard Hill Cemetery
  4. Samuel Wesley Hodges
    (Born: October 16, 1874; Died: February 28, 1896)
    Richard Hill Cemetery
  5. Merritt Brook Hill
    (Born: October 16, 1915; Died: May 28, 1938)
    Richard Hill Cemetery
  6. Henry C Spinks
    (Born: April 7, 1901; Died: July 11, 1922)
    Richard Hill Cemetery
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