Episode One

The Carpinteria Cemetery in Carpinteria, California.

  • A Short History of the Cemetery:
    Involves the first settlers of the area: George Nidever and John Nidever, and some early burials at the cemetery.

  • Kristen Leigh Moore:
    Born May 6, 1966 – Died: April 23, 1993
    This is the story that began my journey into Tombstone Shadows. While visiting the small Carpinteria Cemetery, I took a photo of a plaque from which I had wiped off some dirt; when I got home from the road-trip, I looked up her name to find information on the young lady’s demise. As the story unraveled, I became enthralled with what I found.

  • Dorothy June Tennent:
    Born: August 7, 1943 – Died: December 29, 1975
    Born in Orange County, California, Dorothy’s life took a horrid turn after she took a nursing job in Camarillo, California—a news worthy event that would put her in the Carpinteria Cemetery.

  • Dianna M. Camacho:
    Born: November 21, 1976 – Died: December 28, 2006
  • Joseph Thomas DeAlba:
    Born: January 24, 1984 – Died: January 9, 2007
    A short motorcycle ride on an afternoon shortly after Christmas of 2007, sends both of these young lives to their graves at the Carpinteria Cemetery.

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