Episode Nine

Richard Hill Cemetery

• The Emanuel Cemetery, Lobelia, West Virginia.
• The Richard Hill Cemetery in Lobelia, West Virginia.

The first cemetery we visit is the Emanuel Cemetery. It sits to the left of an old Presbyterian church. The second is the Richard Hill Cemetery. It was a an overgrown cemetery with some graves sinking into the ground, but was recently renovated by volunteers.

Warwick B. Scott:
Born April 21, 1889 – Died: October 24, 1945
Possibly from WWI PTSD, Warwick had visits to a veteran psychiatrist. He had a violent temper, and was venting on his youngest son. He finally went too far with his temper, and one afternoon when the two were alone at home, his son was forced to defend himself.

John Robert Bruffey:
Born: 1849 – Died: March 1879
A 40-year-old blacksmith, passed away from consumption.

PFC Harlan Ellsworth Dean:
Born: November 16, 1921 – Died: March 3, 1944
At the age of 22, Harlan died fighting for the U.S. in WWII.

Samuel Wesley Hodges:
Born: October 16, 1874 – Died: February 28, 1896
At 21-years-old, Samuel died a violent death while at work.

Merritt Brook Hill:
Born: October 16, 1915 – Died: May 28, 1938
In 1983, Merritt took his own life at the age of 22.

Henry C. Spinks:
Born: April 7, 1901 – Died: July 11, 1922
A lumber worker, Henry was married with two children. He passed away from a health issue in 1921 at the age of 21.

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