Episode Ten

The Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, Maine.

  • History:
    The Calvary Cemetery was established in 1858 as a resting place for those who followed Catholicism (all denominations were welcome, though).
  • 1922: Tragedy struck the cemetery one day in November when some kids took a small boat out one evening in the cemetery lake
  • 1924: There was a burial for a man, who wasn’t buried alive, but pretty close.
  • 1933: The cemetery office was destroyed by dynamite.

  • Lillian I. MacDonald:
    Born June 1, 1910 – Died: July 12, 1930
    The youngest of three daughters, at 20, Lillian had a job at a popular stationery store in Portland, Maine. Lillian was said to be a beautiful young lady, hard worker and a trusted employee who was loved by her fellow workers—however, one employee took his love for Lillian too far.

  • James M. Mitchell:
    Born: May 27, 1909 – Died: March 20, 1982
    At 21 years old, James Mitchell was sentenced to spend his entire life in prison, after brutally killing the young Lillian MacDonald. However, James’ name would re-enter the news not long after being put “behind bars.”

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