Episode Eleven

Florilla, Jeanne and Jacalyn
Florilla, Jeanne and Jacalyn

Three Lives from Southern California

  • Florilla Lee Crolic (1869-1938):
    (CORRECTION: it was brought to my attention by someone who just began an investigation into Florilla Crolic, that I listed the wrong place of the murder. She was living at—and was murdered at—the small house on Sunset Cliffs).

    Born in Michigan, Florilla was a musician who married twice. Florilla and her second husband moved from Washington to San Diego, California. After her second marriage break-up, she made a bizarre prediction to her neighbor, that sadly came true.

  • Jeanne M. Kelly (1917-2019):
    Born and raised in San Francisco, at 20 years old, Jeanne decided to move to Los Angeles and work as a nurse. But as the holidays approached, she longed to be back in San Francisco. A couple of days before New Years eve, she met the wrong people in a downtown L.A. park—after which, her life was turned upside-down.

  • Jacalyn (1977-1989)
    The first day of Christmas vacation from middleschool turns deadly, after Jacalyn and her friends meet inside the mall.

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