Episode Three

The Riverview Cemetery in St. Joseph, Michigan.

  • A Short History of the Cemetery:
    The Artesia Cemetery covers fourteen acres and is in the city of Cerritos, California. The first burial was in 1882.

  • John Collins Gillespie:
    Born December 15, 1939 – Died: January 25, 1994
    A one time very popular local sheriff in Berrien County, Michigan, John Gillespie lived out the latter part of his life with legal battles and ailing health.

  • Duane Allen Christianson:
    Born: January 10, 1955 – Died: May 20, 1975
    Duane’s father, Robert Christianson (with four young children at the time) went alone on a snowy November hunting trip in Minnesota. He was never seen again. All that was found of him were his canoe and vest. This left his wife to raise their four young children. Duane was one of those children, and he lost his life at the age of 20. His sister died later, when she was only 18.

  • George Elliot Schultz:
    Born: October 23, 1942 – January 21, 1960
    George was driving two of his high school buddies back to school to take final exams. They were about 1/4 mile from the school on a frigid late morning in January, when George made a bad decision while approaching the railroad crossing that sat just before their school.

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