Episode Four

The Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco, Maine.

  • A Short History of the Cemetery:
    Opened in 1884, the Laurel Hill Cemetery was created to relieve an old, overcrowded cemetery already in Saco. In the history period of this episode, we’ll talk about a woman who, over a period of time, was stealing Christmas decorations from graves; we’ll also talk about extreme vandal damage inflicted on the cemetery over the decades.

  • Jeannette Anne (Pinkham) Haynes:
    Born July 11, 1944 – Died: September 19, 1976
    After ten years of marriage, Jeannette and her husband have a child, but after their son is three, life spirals out of control for Jeannette.

  • Lawrence W. Walls:
    Born: July 17, 1914 – Died: September 28, 1966
    A hard working blue-collar worker, Lawrence moved his family to Saco, Maine for a job. Sadly, his life came to an abrupt end while his three children were young teenagers.

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