Episode Two

The Artesia Cemetery in Cerritos, California.

  • A Short History of the Cemetery:
    The Artesia Cemetery covers fourteen acres and is in the city of Cerritos, California. The first burial was in 1882.

  • John Thompson:
    Born August 22, 1880 – Died: August 6, 1892
    John Thompson died tragically at the age of 11, and was buried at the Artesia Cemetery in August of 1892. Also included in this story is the sad ending of Eva Morton’s life.

  • Robert Stevens Duckworth:
    Born: October 4, 1922 – Died: October 22, 1972
    A sad ending to a WWII veteran who was captured by German forces. He was born in Artesia, California, and buried at the Artesia Cemetery.

  • Oscar Castillo:
    Born: June 4, 1958 – Died: March 28, 1976
    A young man who, after watching a softball game with his girlfriend, tragically lost his life after a local gang of thugs took his life in the parking lot of a Long Beach park for bumping their car.

  • The Ouija Board Murder (1933)
    The murder of Earnest J. Turley (a retired naval officer) was a big news item at the time. His daughter, Mattie, fired two barrels of a shotgun into her father. Her mother went on trial for attempting to brainwash Mattie (with the use of a Ouija Board), into murdering her father so she could continue a relationship with a younger man.

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