Episode Twelve

Vehicle wreck on Lomita in Harbor City

Spiritualist Fraud Exposed in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Dudley G. Kimball
    Born: July 31, 1872
    Died: October 16, 1969
    Buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

    Born in Boston, Massachusetts.
    Dudley began life (at the age of four) in a bad direction, but later in life, he became an important part of exposing a fraud, and lived a long, productive, successful life.

  • Oscar L. Concannon
    Born: March 21, 1869
    Died: July 11, 1904

    Born in Missouri.
    With his wife, was part of a spiritualist fraud in the latter years of his life, and he traveled the country, acting out his fake manifestations of ghosts. In his last few years, he spent time in a mental institution. He died at the age of 35 in Kansas.

13 Die in Horrific Weekend of Vehicle Accidents
July 24-25, 1965

  • Dennis Gerald Benson
    Born: July 15, 1944
    Died: July 25, 1965

    Joined the U.S. Navy at 18. Was in Vietnam during the war and discharged when the carrier returned to Long Beach. Died at the young age of 21, only 11 days after being discharged.

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