Episode Fourteen

Wells Jr. taken in for questioning 1955
Wells Jr. taken in for questioning in Hawthorne, NY for arson and murder. He changed his story three times (1955).

Murdered While Sleeping:
The Unsolved Murder of Japanese Born Kyoko Johnson; Plus, an Acquitted Murderer Turned Bank Robber.
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  • Kyoko Kuwako Johnson
    Born: April 20, 1937
    Died: November 23, 1990
    Born in Japan, Kyoko married a U.S. military man while she was living in San Francisco. The couple moved to Harbor City, California (southern California), where, after raising a family, she was brutally killed on a late November morning as she slept. Her husband was put on trial, but found not guilty.
  • Wells Benner van Steenbergh Jr.
    Born: March 29, 1935
    Died: June 19, 2012
    In an attempt to steal some cash from a home, Wells Jr. burned down a home where a husband and wife lived, who had been friends with Wells Jr. for a few years. Unknown to Wells Jr., the wife was at home sleeping. Wells Jr. later moved to Seattle where he almost pulled off another perfect crime.
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